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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Create a Clean Slate by Changing Belief Patterns

Dana Kievit has been a registered nurse for 13 years and has empathically witnessed a wide array of physical, psychological and spiritual suffering in others. Upon embarking on her own journey to self-discovery, she came to learn through the study of quantum physics, that the root cause of all forms of suffering originates in the mind by way of the thoughts and beliefs that created them. 

Kievit learned about PSYCH-K through the book The Biology of Beliefby Bruce Lipton. It was through this book that she realized she had found the key to help herself and others start living a healthy life filled with joy, peace and freedom. PSYCH-K is a safe and non-invasive modality that has created a rapid and sustainable mindset change for Kievit and her clients. 

Kievit is available for sessions in Medford, Manahawkin and Wayne, New Jersey, as well as via Skype. 

For more information, email Dana at [email protected]or visit 

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