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Building Heart Intelligence

We have heard countless stories about heart transplant recipients that have taken on likes and dislikes of their donors. This is because the brain has 40,000 neurons. That’s right, your heart has a brain. 

The heart is the regulator of the body and sets the tone of our internal environment. Like other intelligences in the body, we can intentionally increase the heart’s intelligence. By doing so, many sought after outcomes can occur such as increased well-being, better access to cortical functions, greater intuition, a stronger immune system, stabilized emotions, more vitality and resiliency, less stress, anxiety, depression and dependence on certain medications. Ultimately, the body will function in a more optimal state. 

Once you learn and practice these techniques to improve your heart’s intelligence, they will last a lifetime. 

Resource: Julia Gandy, Embodying Wellness. For more information, contact Julia at 609-634-2396.  

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