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Back to Nature: Return to Your True Self and Accelerate Your Life Path

Jul 11, 2017 08:20PM ● By Giulia Eve Flores


“If you need to move beyond the place that you are stuck in, if you need relief from emotional blockages, if you need mental clarity, if you have repeating issues that create conflict in your life, let me help. Or if you just need some peace or relaxation, I am here. There is nothing that isn’t possible.”

These are the words of Kiel Gerhard, reiki master, plant medicine maker and an authentic, sincere and service-driven spiritual practitioner who has been helping thousands of people for years through word-of-mouth only. 

Gerhard has been working with plant medicine from a young age, but it was the embodiment of light that he knows as God that rattled his whole existence and propelled him to truly fulfil his purpose. “It was as if the hand of the Creator broke through the fabric of reality, touched my head and blessed me. A light entered and I was given new life.” This catalytic moment was followed by years of soul-shaking experiences, where he meditated up to 18 hours a day.

When, in 2010, he laid his hand on someone’s injured shoulder and completely relieved them from pain, more and more people came to ask him for help. “It was these interactions, as well as my remembrance of doing it in past lives, that helped me to believe in my own power. The medicine I was making from plants increased my well-being, so I started sharing it with others. Eventually, they became products. Eventually, I started a business.”

Gerhard operates Back To Nature Oils, which was inspired by his belief in coming back to a natural way of living. The oil refers not just to his products but also to the spiritual oil that comes with anointment. “An oil is something that seeps in, resonates, penetrates. I offer something that stays with you.”

He offers hand-blended essential oils, organic whole food elixir, wild-foraged medicinals, reiki and his own energy work, molecular light therapy. All of his products and services are infused with deep prayer and meditation and it is this palpable love that makes them so highly effective. 

“I am a vessel that was given a gift. I remembered who I am and my life’s purpose, and I have found that this gift can be extremely useful. People can get stuck in habitual thoughts and actions and circle through life with the same emotions, just in different situations. I can help break down karmic fields, which increases one’s ability to move forward. I can help realign someone with their true self and accelerate them on their life path. Ultimately, what I do is connecting people into a line of what some call God, which positively impacts the consciousness of the world as a whole.”

Most of his clients become friends and a part of his spiritual community. It is his intimate, generous and wholehearted approach, his willingness to help, why seekers flock to him and stay close to him. 

“I recognized that I am the light which is in all things, that the highest Source energy is in me, as it is in you. When you are anointed in this light, it means you have the works of God in you. You are called and chosen to do specific works that you were designed for. With my work, I pass on the torch, rekindling the flame that’s inside of everyone. Sometimes it takes a lot of clearing out. If you smother a fire, the flame can't breathe or burn. But if you remove those obstacles in a way that helps feed the fire, then it will burn at a healthy rate, increasing its light.”

One of his clients is Nicolas Scirocco, a Ph.D. physics student at Cambridge University, who has a considerable scientific understanding as well as first-hand experience of Gerhard’s work. “Kiel facilitates one’s mind and body to correct itself on all energetic levels. Everything in the Universe is made up of energy centers, or chakras. They are psychic centers which have a physical location in the body. We all receive continuous life force energy from the cosmos, which keeps our chakra's spinning harmoniously. The most common causes for disruption in these centers are stress, emotional trauma, negative people and repeated exposure to everyday toxins. What Kiel essentially does is flood your whole energetic system with huge amounts of life force energy imbued with the purpose of healing. Kiel intuitively goes to where the blockages are the greatest, finds the cause and corrects its flow. I would highly recommend all that he offers.”

For more information, make an appointment or purchase products, call 856-491-6422 or visit

Giulia Eve Flores is a classically trained actress, writer, speaker, artistic director and spiritual practitioner, based in South Jersey. Connect via [email protected]

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