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Ease Pain the Natural Way

May 31, 2017 11:02AM

Pain comes in many forms: injuries, along with chronic conditions, lead to pain and inflammation; illnesses and degenerative or autoimmune diseases, such as fibromyalgia, wreak havoc on the body, causing major pain.

Natural items like herbs have been shown to help manage or even alleviate pain.

More than two dozen scientific studies of curcumin, a component of the spice turmeric, have revealed its beneficial healing qualities. Taking tart cherry—considered effective for gout sufferers—with curcumin provides a “dynamic duo” of pain management. For even greater relief, combine the two with any of the following: a product containing Boswellia resin (frankincense), turmeric root extract, collagen, white willow bark (aspirin), ginger root, cayenne or black pepper extract. 

A good-quality CBD (cannabidiol) oil, made from the hemp plant, fights aches and pains, and a good grade of fish oil helps reduce inflammation. 

Pain can also be managed through diet. Dairy, wheat, and other grains, as well as corn and sugar, have an inflammatory effect on the body and can cause pain and swelling. Switching to foods with anti-inflammatory qualities, which often leads to weight loss as an added benefit, will further improve pain.

Lastly, there are multiple benefits of drinking plenty of water, but particularly because it flushes out toxins that also contribute to overall pain. 

All these natural remedies can be found in most local natural health stores.

Source: Karin Swart, Nutrition Works, 703 Stokes Road Store #4, Medford. For more information, call 609-714-8666 or email [email protected] Also visit

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