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Honoring One Mother, One Birth, One Baby, at a Time: “This is the most instinctive experience for the mom. My job is so personal whether it’s massage therapy or labor doula or working with the baby.

Apr 30, 2017 09:42PM ● By Jennifer Deligne

Donna Favilla has made it her life’s work to facilitate a mother’s experience both during pregnancy and the months that follow. Perinatal Health LLC was born in 2016 as a result of Favilla’s 30 years of experience in the medical and holistic fields.

Favilla’s passion for pregnancy, labor support and post-partum care grew from working alongside obstetricians, gynecologists, midwives and pediatricians while employed in a hospital as a unit secretary on the labor, delivery and mother baby units. For 20 years, she worked as a prenatal LMT and board-certified reflexologist and educator, practices that lent themselves to her current work with mothers and babies. She continued to cultivate, specialize, and train in her field as a certified perinatal massage therapy specialist and labor doula.

Her practice specializes in labor and postpartum support, including high-risk pregnancies. Massage therapy, foot reflexology, mindfulness-based stress reduction for pregnancy and birth, yoga for birth and labor doula services are some services that mothers can expect from Favilla in the hospital setting. 

Studies have shown that foot reflexology and massage therapy during the prenatal, labor and postpartum care recovery periods decrease a number of physical ailments, reduce emotional stressors due to fluctuating of hormone levels, shorten labor times and increase relaxation. 

Increased intervention of complementary therapies for labor and birth are becoming more popular with mothers due to the opportunity to experience the birth that they are desiring. Whether a mother is envisioning a natural, epidural or medicated birth, or a planned Cesarean section, Perinatal Health will provide comfort, nurturing and support for the mother. 

Postpartum care recovery massage therapy and reflexology can promote lactation, decrease fluids and fatigue, relieve sore muscles and aid in postpartum depression.

Some of the benefits a mother can receive from Perinatal Health can be crucial in supporting a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. Massage therapy can lessen pain during labor and improve the mother’s mood, while yoga and meditation have many qualities of their own.

“I teach breathing, movement, birth postures and meditation for labor in the prenatal yoga class,” says Favilla. “That also lends itself to centering, focusing and being more present during the birth process. The mother’s focus isn’t primarily on the contractions, but on the breath work and the body’s movements. The more the mother relaxes, the easier the birth process.”

What makes Perinatal Health special is the friendship that naturally occurs from Favilla’s services. She is there through a mother’s most personal moments whether through antepartum, labor and delivery or postpartum care recovery. Favilla takes the time to listen and customize her services to each mother’s individual needs.

“This is the most instinctive experience for the mom. My job is so personal whether it’s massage therapy or labor doula or working with the baby. It means a lot to me to work with all of the moms and see them unfold and summon the inner strength to have the birth she desires,” says Favilla. “All the mothers are very special to me.”

Favilla offers her services in South New Jersey hospitals. She is also able to see mothers up to two hours before a scheduled Caesarian section. If you are planning to have a service in labor, please make arrangements in advance. All services must be accompanied by a physician’s or midwife note prior to service.

For more information or to schedule a perinatal service, call 609-206-9633, email [email protected] or visit 

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