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Two Hands Birth Services: Empowering Women to Achieve Positive Birth Experiences: A doula is your resource, helps you advocate for yourself and is present for the length of time that you choose: throughout your pregnancy, during birth and into the fi

Apr 30, 2017 09:18PM ● By Michelle Murdock

A new baby is on the way and congratulations are in order. The emotional roller coaster of anticipating your new arrival is deeply personal for every mother and family. The excitement of this happy news is soon joined by the realization that there is much to prepare for. Whether you are a first-time mom or a mother of many, every pregnancy brings new experiences, choices and questions. Two Hands Birth Services, based in South Jersey owned by certified doula and lactation counselor Jessica Ruscetta, has one very important vision—“To empower women and their partners to begin their journey with confidence.”

An often-asked question is, “What is a doula and why would I consider having one?” It’s a natural assumption that a doula is someone proffering instructions or a preset guide for how to embark on your journey into motherhood. A doula, to the contrary, provides a supportive and educational partner to help guide you through the questions you might have, offer resources and information you may not have, assist in planning the best birth for you family and help you get through bumps and turns as that plan evolves.

A doula is your resource, helps you advocate for yourself and is present for the length of time that you choose: throughout your pregnancy, during birth and into the first stages of bringing baby home. Ruscetta and her associate doula, Abby Williams, work to keep that mission of supportive empowerment in the forefront for all their clients. It is in the testimonials of the families that have worked with Two Hands Birth Services that one can see the comfort and peace of mind that having a doula can bring to the journey of having a child.

“Jessica was always available and full of positivity… She knew my birth plan and provided all the support, love and encouragement to get me to my goal (even when I didn’t think I could do it).”

In addition to doula services, Two Hands Birth specializes in lactation services. The decision to breast or bottle feed can be a big one. Breastfeeding, recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics as the healthiest and best nutritional option for new babies, can present a variety of questions, uncertainties and even difficulties. For those that can and want to breastfeed but face hesitation or obstacles, the deciding factor for going forward can depend on the right kind of encouraging guidance. Feelings of intimidation or even defeat in the first attempts can often be calmed with the assistance of a lactation professional. Ruscetta can help pinpoint specific difficulties and offer coaching and reassurance.

Breastfeeding is a learned skill for both mother and baby, and Two Hands Birth Services offers support, both before and after baby comes home, to aid in achieving a fulfilling, successful breastfeeding experience.

For more information on services including birth doula, lactation, childbirth preparation and postpartum doula, visit

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