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Women for Women Medical Associates, Enhancing Women’s Lives: “If you’re not able to listen to your patients, you may only be applying a band-aid. If you listen to your patients, you can better meet their needs.”

Mar 03, 2017 10:54AM ● By Jennifer Deligne


Dr. Jewel Amui found it her purpose to serve and help women from a very young age. This desire to enhance women’s lives led to her studies in medicine, and she eventually opened her own private practice, Women for Women Medical Associates, in Marlton, New Jersey, which centers on gynecology with a focus on fertility and hormonal disorders.

Her mission to help women wasn’t limited to fertility and the occasional gynecological visit. Amui makes it her goal to help women in every facet of their lives, including those areas that may seem far from reach such as a healthy sex life. 

After women reach a certain age, blood flow to intimate areas decreases making it difficult to enjoy being sensual with their partner. The licensed gynecologist and president of the South Jersey Medical Association stresses that women shouldn’t be shy about such an important aspect of life, but embrace it instead while giving themselves the proper attention they deserve.

The positive outcomes that stem from enjoying intimate life throughout menopause led her in the path of Mona Lisa Touch Therapy. This unique and virtually painless therapy is meant for the woman in great physical and mental discomfort due to low estrogen levels. This non-hormonal treatment increases blood flow and restores the moisture in the vaginal wall, which in turn increases the smoothness and enjoyment of sexual intimacy.

“It’s 2017 and more women are alive than ever before! There’s no reason for these women to not have enjoyable lives,” says Amui. She is greatly aware of everything the modern woman takes part in—building a home, focusing on her career and loving her children and spouse.

“I thought that in helping women, I could probably change the world; meaning women are central in every community. If they feel well, it’s also better for everyone around them. By working with these women, they can in turn feel better and take care of others.”

With the Mona Lisa Touch Therapy, this is a reliable testament. Amui aided a 75-year-old patient with the Mona Lisa Touch, and she’s still maintaining her sexual life today.

A consoling benefit of this therapy is the non-hormonal feature. Not everyone is a candidate for estrogen therapy which makes Mona Lisa Touch the best, if not the primary, alternative. The procedure is simple and will allow patients the ease of a regular check-up. Without the use of anesthetics, the Mona-Lisa Touch laser is inserted into the vagina and expels pulses to the vaginal walls. Many patients feel only slight discomfort and will notice results in as little as a few days. The therapy requires three procedures every six weeks.

Performed in the comfort of Amui’s office, the individual care received by every woman that enters is what makes Women for Women Medical Associates a special practice.

“If you’re not able to listen to your patients, you may only be applying a band-aid. If you listen to your patients, you can better meet their needs.”

Amui considers all of her patients and the distinctions between them. She takes considerable time to assess not only her patient’s medical troubles, but their emotional lives as well.

It seems that her appreciation for a long, high-quality life regardless of age or medical standing is what makes her practice so substantial. In addition to helping many women with vaginal atrophies, Amui assists patients that have been told that having children is not a possibility for them from other gynecologists. Women from around the world, including Holland, Africa and Canada, have traveled to meet with the hope-filled doctor.

She once treated a woman that was trying to have children for 21 years, and finally succeeded at the age of 57. Many testimonials on the Women for Women website are heartwarming notes of happiness and gratitude for Amui’s help in their journey through motherhood.

That sense of gratitude is reciprocated by Amui. “It’s rewarding to listen to my patients and understand their needs, console them and provide them with resources so they are better informed.”

In addition to assisting women in these often heavy circumstances, she wants to inform women from an overall medical standpoint and provide them with information that will enhance their quality of life.

“Women should consider seeing me because when I spend time with them, they leave changed.”

Dr. Amui’s office is located at 102-I Centre Blvd., in Marlton, NJ. For more information about Women for Women Medical Associates, call 856-267-5019, email [email protected]  or visit

Jennifer Deligne is a writer from South Plainfield, New Jersey. Connect at [email protected]

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