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From Tragedy to Triumph : Dr. James M. Tighe has always considered himself to be the "Luckiest Irishman" alive.

Mar 03, 2017 10:43AM ● By Karlie S. Sakoff


Dr. James M. Tighe has always considered himself to be the "Luckiest Irishman" alive. This might seem unusual coming from someone who suffered from dental amalgam mercury poisoning for more than a decade before discovering the underlying cause of his illness. 

“I was experiencing a myriad of vague symptoms and sought the help of brilliant specialists that after ordering every blood test imaginable, essentially threw their hands up in the air providing no answers whatsoever,” he says. 

Among the symptoms he experienced were chronic fatigue, brain fog, confusion, poor memory, difficulty concentrating, painful muscles and swollen joints, anxiety, depression, mood swings, thyroid and adrenal dysfunction as well as insulin, leptin and difficulty in losing weight. He felt like he was about to “go mad” when the elusive diagnosis arrived in the mail.

The Poison in Your Teeth by Tom McGuire, DDS, was sent to him by a local Biological Dentist and arrived in his mailbox during a July heat wave in 2011.  Upon reading it cover to cover in a weekend, Tighe discovered that like the “Mad Hatters” of the 19th century who suffered neurological disorders from using elemental mercury to turn leather into felt, he too had suffered mercury poisoning from dental amalgams and having them unsafely removed by his general dentist more than a decade earlier.

The kicker was that dental amalgams continuously leach mercury vapor from the teeth into the mouth where it gets absorbed into the oral mucosa, circulation and easily crosses the blood brain barrier where it prefers to combine with other heavy metals like lead, aluminum, arsenic and cadmium just to name a few. The leaching of mercury from amalgams increases substantially with any type of stimulation such as chewing, brushing teeth and consuming hot or cold liquids. 

To make matters worse, mercury is a “stealth invader” similar to a computer virus that can hide unseen in plain sight and quietly live in every cell of your body and suddenly forcefully strike your very core. It serves as a non-discriminating event planner inviting other unhealthy cells such as toxic mold, parasites and Lyme spirochetes as they feast on you, their human host.

Further, unlike any other time in history, today’s humans are constantly being bombarded by poisonous manmade chemicals and heavy metals via air, food and water. What’s happening in Flint, Michigan, is happening everywhere in America simultaneously as our aging water pipeline infrastructure is decaying and our water is being poisoned with heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals. 

Family farms have all but disappeared and during the last century while today's corporate farmers with their chemical fertilizers, GMO seeds and herbicides have become “agricultural terrorists” spraying cancer-causing agents on the food they grow to feed the masses. 

Tighe began his own health journey that encompassed 15 states during five years in search of a whole-body detoxification program that worked. He found it in a program appropriately named True Cellular Detox that delivered what it promised. In fact, he became the first client and was so transformed that he now offers it to his own patients at Hilltop Healing.

“I’ve gone from pain to purpose and I’m on a mission to offer healing, hope and health to every person in search of a better future. We each live and die at the cellular level and I make no apologies telling anyone, ‘If it isn’t True Cellular Detox, it isn’t really detox.’”

Hilltop Healing is located at 105 Berry Lane in Sewell. For more information or to make an appointment, call 856-468-3509, email [email protected] or visit

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