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Professional Qigong Training Weekend in Baltimore: Join Jeff Primack and the Qi Revolution April 7th, 8th, and 9th, for a weekend experience to learn this life-changing, healing technique.


Join Jeff Primack and the Qi Revolution April 7th, 8th, and 9th, for a  weekend experience to learn this life-changing, healing technique. Qigong breathing can help resolve health issues naturally. For example, transcending the physical and experiencing ourselves as pure energy is possible within only a few minutes of the Nine-Breath Method, a signature technique taught to over 50,000 people at Qi Revolution workshops around the country.

Oxygen retention and pulsation of breath is the secret of the masters and few courses offer this level of comprehensive instruction. Food healing science is another important aspect of the seminar, along with strength training, hands-on-healing, reflexology, tui na massage and the Five Elements.

At Qi Revolution, participants learn the physiologic functions of natural foods, herbs, mushrooms and phytochemicals, presented according to latest scientific research. For more than a decade, Primack has lectured live to more than 50,000 students on these topics. His instruction helps attendees learn which natural foods, herbs and mushrooms can sometimes reverse specific issues. At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to review the most compelling scientific studies and anecdotal accounts from Primack’s book, presented in an unbiased scientific manner.

For those who have become curious about qigong and the many health properties is can unleash, this weekend event is the perfect, low-cost, opportunity to learn from one of the revolutionary leaders of qigoing.

Cost: $149 for the three-day training; free for firefighters, military, veterans and police. Advanced registration required as seating is limited. To learn more, call 800- 298-8970 or visit

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