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Veterans with PTSD Love Qi : Energy is tangible in the hands like a magnetic field pulsing with life.

Feb 01, 2017 10:19PM ● By Jeff Primack


Energy is tangible in the hands like a magnetic field pulsing with life. Qigong stops mental thinking immediately and the mind becomes energy-aware. Veterans who are missing an arm practice qigong and feel the other arm’s Qi. Bullets that have passed through bone create lifetimes of real pain, yet qigong allows people to eliminate pain in a matter of minutes with Qi holding postures.

Battlefield memories are not erased, yet their grip on muscles, the jaw and mind are temporarily lessened long enough for veterans to realize they have CONTROL over their mind and body via their breath. Our technique “9-Breath Method” oxygenates to the core creating a wave of peace that shuts down over-thinking. 

Breath Training is the first thing vets and active soldiers can choose to learn.  A qigong master that I trained with was imprisoned by the Chinese government. While in jail for years he practiced qigong and was strengthened by Qi in the air. His incredible energy in his mid-80s further reveals qigong’s potential use in military training and reintegration of soldiers back into society.

“Qigong is a very positive natural modality we are proud to offer for our men and women who have served our country.”

 ~Alina Mayo, M.D. - Bay Pines VA Healthcare Unit

Alina Mayo, M.D. of the VA Bay Pines, Florida, Inpatient Unit, says qigong with our senior instructor, Todd Nichols, has been highly successful. When vets do qigong breathing with him in a group, trust issues and whether he’s a vet or not becomes less important. Old mind patterns are temporarily bypassed as the feeling of Qi is strong enough to give a natural high. Many vets report this has been invaluable to replace harmful addictions. 

Todd Nichols is a brave teacher sharing “Breath Empowerment” with more than 1,000 veterans. Sometimes in lock-down facilities where chairs are held down with bags of sand it can be challenging to lead qigong breathing.  Frequent outbursts and flickering florescent lights compound the difficulties of teaching in the VA buildings themselves. Veterans are guarded and apprehensive. Nichols draws them in and challenges them to take huge breaths, swallow it and hold it in their belly. A crammed room becomes momentarily silent, smiles and then scattered giggles. All it takes is participation and the vibration is assured.

Although I am Todd’s teacher of these qigong techniques, he now trains me and all of our top instructors annually passing his wisdom with teaching veterans. He says without the breathing techniques many veterans would give up. The speed which the Qi is physically felt spurs further interest.  Teaching Qigong at the VA was not very respected in the beginning. Now it has grown from a single class to two classes each week. We are also happy to report the doctors, nurses and social workers now respect Todd’s group and do not disturb his classes after three years teaching at the VA.

QI REVOLUTION is the event most people first encounter us. When many hundreds of people practice qigong under one roof, a massive group energy field forms.  It accelerates everyone’s ability to feel Qi and progress. We keep our conference price low, because people (now more than ever) require this knowledge to prosper. Come experience Qi Revolution attended by expert healers, doctors and even teenagers with smiles and lighter spirits.

QI REVOLUTION will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center for three days of training, April 7 to 9. Open to the public, the cost is $149 for all three days. Members of fire and police departments and military are admitted free. For more information or obtain tickets, call 800-298-8970 or visit

Jeff Primack has practiced qigong for 20 years and trained 50,000-plus people at Qi Revolution seminars across the United States. Two hundred veterans attended free last year and their profound transformation with qigong inspired this article.     

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