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As If MAH Ozone Therapy Wasn’t Enough : What would you say to the idea of steering away from conventional medical thinking and opening your eyes and minds to therapies that are considered “alternative” or “outside the box”?

Feb 01, 2017 10:23PM ● By Mark James Bartiss, MD

From pacemakers to artificial hearts and limbs to stem cells, America has found its rank in the world health league for being an innovator of medical technology. Unfortunately, the cost of these medical therapies prohibit those that would benefit the most from obtaining them, thus contributing to one of the several reasons we rank 37th in world healthcare according to World Health Organization..

But what would you say to the idea of steering away from conventional medical thinking and opening your eyes and minds to therapies that are considered “alternative” or “outside the box”? Medical modalities that offer a cure for an underlying condition rather than a Band-Aid to mask the symptoms of disease?

Specifically, I am referring to the use of oxygen to enhance the treatment and cure of nearly every medical condition known to man. For those of you that are avid readers of Natural Awakenings magazine or are patients of ICAM, you may have been introduced to therapies involving OZONE. In a nutshell, ozone is a form of Bio-Oxidative Therapy which simply means that we are introducing oxygen into the body. Of the various vehicles used to expose the body to ozone, the topical, rectal and intravenous routes are the most commonly prescribed.

As I progress and advance my knowledge and skills, I become even more dismayed by mainstream medicine and more intrigued with the alternative side. As a founding member of the American Association of Ozonotherapists (AAOT), guest lecturer and presenter of ozone therapy to hundreds of medical practitioners, I feel that it is my duty to further understand and promote this amazing form of medical intervention that has remarkable capabilities and endless possibilities.

Until now, I thought what I studied, researched, learned and was offering my patients in terms of Bio-Oxidative Therapies, was the ultimate high-tech, state-of-the-art therapy that was literally changing the course of disease and life for those with chronic illness.

Ozone Therapy

I recently attended a conference/workshop in California co-sponsored by Drs. Robert Rowen and Howard Robbins just a few days after spending several days with Dr. Frank Shallenberger another one of the gurus and pioneers of ozone therapy that I have nicknamed “The Three Kings”. What I didn’t know was that I would be one of only 14 attendees throughout the world that was present for the lecture by Dr. Lahodny from Austria who shared his work and experience utilizing ozone in much higher concentrations than was previously “accepted” as being safe and effective. He presented a different vehicle of administration for ozone through the utilization of the Zotzmann Ozon 2000 machine from Germany that is commonly used in Europe by hundreds of medical practitioners.

Because space is limited here I need to be brief but if you go to my website I will post a review of my entire experience with the new form of ozone therapy coined as HOT or High Dose Ozone Therapy. In a nutshell, HOT can deliver a “nuclear warhead” to the ailing body ridding it of nearly every toxin, inflammatory invader, autoimmune disorder or chronic condition the body may develop and do so safely at a concentration of ozone that is more that 10 times what was previously recognized as safe. And, as those of you who have experienced the current methods of ozone here at ICAM, you know of the miraculous healing effects it has provided hundreds of you for ailments ranging from allergies, arthritis, cancer, Lyme disease and many other conditions.

Now for the real treat…A single treatment of HOT, which requires 10 passes of your blood through the Zotzmann machine, is equivalent to 30 to 50 MAH treatments.  Although ICAM has two of only perhaps a dozen machines currently available in the United States, the cost of a single, 10-pass treatment is a fraction of the cost of what the $9,000-$15,000 MAH treatments would deliver. Most practitioners are charging a reasonable price of $1,500. ICAM charges $100 per pass, or $1000 per treatment.  Not all patients complete 10 passes.

Inform Yourself

Sure this is a lot of money but you need to invest in your health. readers I encourage you to browse the web regarding all information pertaining to Hyperbaric High Dose Ozone.  For those interested in obtaining this therapy, whether it be for enhancing a weakened immune system, improving overall energy, treating an established acute or chronic medical condition or just as a prophylactic therapy to ensure health, longevity and quality of life, we suggest calling our office to obtain more information and make an appointment today.

I look forward to assisting you all back to optimal health and longevity.

Dr. Mark James Bartiss owns three ICAM locations in Medford, Manahawkin and Wayne. For more information about High Dose Ozone Therapy or to make an appointment, call 609-978-9002 or visit

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