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Handling Stress with Emotional Center Point Release

Emotional balance is crucial for physical healing and well-being. Since all dis-ease beings with our inability to resist pressure (stress), it makes sense that it would be a great benefit to surrender to the rhythms and cycles of life, to learn to let pressure be our ally instead of our threat. This is especially true around the holidays when stress tends to mount.

The nervous system is vital to every function but shock and trauma can become trapped in the tissues of the body, locking up the nervous system and increasing stress. Relieving the emotional causes of this stress can help to improve overall health.

One effective way to clear the emotional strain that tends to flood our lives is Emotional Center Point Release (eCPR). Using Fractal Light Medicine combined with the basic principles of German New Medicine and eCPR, we can shift from running on autopilot and being an observer of our lives to choosing conscious responses to what is going on around us.

For more information on eCPR, call Thrive Health and Wellness at 856-881-4103, email [email protected] or visit  

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