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Lifestyle Tips for Overall Health

Many Americans walk around, day after day, feeling terrible. They feel tired, sluggish, anxious and defeated. Some simple adjustments in lifestyle can help these individuals improve their overall health and feel better.


The first step is to change the way we look at food. Many Americans eat for entertainment or to combat stress. This is a mistake. Food should be used as fuel for the body and it is important to eat only when hungry. Drinking water is also critical. Soft drinks, juices and Koolaid are no substitute for water and everyone should be drinking eight full glasses of water per day.


Sleep deprivation is a major problem in the U.S.  and it is critical to get seven to eight hours of sleep per night. Adequate sleep can improve mood, increase energy levels and sharpen thinking. Intentional gratitude can also have a huge impact on how we feel. Ending each day by journaling three to five things that we are grateful for will go a long way towards improving overall health and attitude.


Source: Health and Wellness Coach, Energy Healer, Body Worker and Reiki Master Lori Flickinger. For more information, call 609-561-5674 or visit 

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