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The Divine Feminine

May 02, 2016 04:43PM ● By Maryann Pino Miller

Women, ladies, girls, whatever our age… we embody the Divine Feminine. How many of us are aware of this—its meaning, its implications, its power, its freedom?


If you made a list of all the “things” you had to do, all the people you had to care for, would you be on the list? Probably not. But if so, probably at the bottom!


Is that anyplace for the Divine Feminine to be?!


Up until recently, females were reared to think of others first—do for others first, do whatever it took to be sure others were happy, content, healthy, nourished, clothed, fed, chauffeured, cheered on, given a shoulder to cry on, cuddled, embraced, loved… did I leave anything out?


Thank goodness the energy is shifting. The younger you are, the easier; the older, maybe not as much. Those old tapes play loud and clear… expectations of us are high… we cannot disappoint anyone.


For our own personal well-being, and in some cases, survival, we must delve into this concept of the Divine Feminine and embrace it as our truth. Actually it isn’t just for our own benefit; it means the survival of the planet.



Main points to consider for grounding into the concept of the Divine Feminine


~ We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Hence, we are Divine.

~ We are each here for our personal soul growth. 

~ Every relationship (home, work, everywhere, with everyone and everything) is a vehicle moving us along on our spiritual journey.

~ In general, the feminine is characterized as being compassionate, loving, gentle, kind, tolerant, inclusive; as seeking harmony, consensus.

~ Divine Feminine is all of that and wise, confident, strong and powerful. The wisdom, confidence, strength and power are laced with compassion, love, peace, tenderness, acceptance, oneness.


Action steps to take to ease into manifesting the Divine Feminine




~ Give up the “shoulds”.  You are doing your best, every minute of every day, based on what you know, believe and feel at the time.

~ You have the choice of what to think at any time, about anything. If a negative, disempowering, fearful thought enters your mind from old tapes and habitual thinking allowed to run amuck, stop it and replace it with a positive, uplifting, empowering, loving thought or even replace it with the word, LOVE, over and over.

~Tell yourself:  I love you! Over, over and over!


Mirror play: That beautiful person looking back at you is your best friend.


~ Every time you go by a mirror, say “Hi, looking good!”

~ Wink, wave, make funny faces, smile.

~ Look into your eyes… validate yourself, acknowledge your existence, see yourself!

~ Tell yourself: I love you! Over, over and over.


Consciously loving yourself:


~ See your everyday hygiene as acts of self-love.

~ Take yourself for a walk on a beautiful sunny day or during a refreshing afternoon shower.

~ Spend time with yourself… journaling, daydreaming, visualizing.

~ Spend time with your Divine self… meditate.

~ Tell yourself: I love you! Over, over and over.


Your true identity embodies compassionate kindness, loving confidence, peaceful power and graceful strength. You embody the Divine Feminine.


Maryann Pino Miller is an author, spiritual teacher and awareness coach. She is co-owner of The Center, Life in Balance, in Medford. Her book, The Oneness of It All, is available at The Center, Barnes & Noble, Balboa Press and She can be reached at 856-912-2087 or [email protected]

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