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Did You Know the U.S. is not Water-Wise?

Mar 31, 2016 03:45PM ● By Cindy Zipf

U.S. citizens use more water than any other country in the world, around 100 gallons per person per day, and pay less than most other industrialized countries for water. Knowledge is power.  Now that you know, you can help protect this rare life-sustaining resource. Take the water use challenge—seek to become a part of the newest and chicest of social climbers– the Wise Water Misers Club.  This is an honor-system status club (not a real club) that will not only save water, but save you money, too.

Here are a few easy ways to be a member of the club:  

  1. Keep a photo, painting or other water image where you use water most, as a reminder.  
  2. Turn off water while shaving, brushing your teeth or other similar tasks.
  3. Use low-flow toilets or put a one-liter soda bottle filled with water in your tank.
  4. Upgrade appliances with ones that have EnergyStar ratings; they are also water-wise.
  5. Check for leaks (even a slow drip can add up) as every drop counts.
  6. Share the information and urge others to become Wise Water Misers.

Plus, and are very helpful websites to find out more about being water-wise:

Cindy Zipf is executive director of Clean Ocean Action. For more information or to help improve and protect our waterways, call the organization at 732-872-0111, email [email protected] or visit

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