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Holos Touch Offers New Approach to Chronic Symptoms

Dr. Dorothea Atkins

Massage Therapist Dr. Dorothea Atkins, of Holos Touch, LLC, in Haddon Heights, has developed U.S. Knee self-massage, a proven and effective self-help technique that manages chronic knee pain. Atkins teaches this technique at the studio in monthly classes and workshops.

A certified manual lymph drainage therapist, Atkins offers self-care help to treat and empower anyone with lymphedema or chronic swelling. Her workshops provide an understanding of how the body connects and stimulates its natural healing abilities, using self-massage and muscle release techniques to enhance blood circulation and reduce pain.

“Self-massage on the knees worked perfectly,” explains Medford patient E. Anderson. “Muscle tap and first tap brought relief to my knees and other places. I sleep at night with no pain. I wake up with no pain. When humidity causes twinges, I know exactly what to do.”

Location: 17 White Horse Pike, Ste. 6. For more information or to register for an upcoming workshop, call 856-546-7500.

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