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Emotional Nutrition: Examining the Other Side of Physical Well-being

Feb 05, 2016 02:49PM ● By Ethan Stoetzer

An itchy throat, a stuffed nose and chest congestion—these all are symptoms that allow doctors to diagnose a cold or an infection. They use physical signs like these to diagnose myriad medical problems within the human body, often prescribing medication, physical therapy or other forms of treatment to cure ailments.

But what if the symptoms of a cold or high blood pressure mean something more than just being exposed to a virus or to different kinds of harmful bacteria, or diet?

Adriana Leftowitz, owner of Insight 2 Your Wellness, in Southampton, believes that while physical symptoms are often both the primary and most effective method for evaluating one’s health, the human body’s energy pathways are also a major component in one’s ability to fight off infections, chronic pain and sustain overall health.

Lefkowitz believes that there are two forms of bodily health: physical and emotional. In order to function at optimum performance, the body must be physically healthy. Diet, exercise and other factors play into the body’s physical health as it pertains to muscle and organ function, energy levels, demeanor and other areas. But in addition to what the body is physically enduring, there’s also the underlying emotional portion of a body’s health.

“Often times we neglect our emotions,” Lefkowitz says. “Most people are not taking into consideration that emotions have a large effect on our health.”

Using a new, advanced technology known as SpectraVision, Lefkowitz analyzes the impact of one’s emotions on key bodily systems such as the immune, organ, digestive and hormonal systems. By using the ancient Chinese medicinal philosophy of meridian systems, SpectraVision maps the body’s energy flow through these systems, through a client’s fingers. The ancient Chinese believed that the natural flow of a body’s qi, or life energy, flowed through specific points of the body. By interacting with these spots, one’s energy system would be able to function normally as part of a balanced system.

The bio-energetic assessment computes simple signal patterns to the skin through the electrodes, testing the body’s response to the SpectraVision’s many outputs of micro-stressors. The machine then catalogues these responses to create a stress response report, which Lefkowitz then uses to analyze what is ailing her clients, and how to best treat these ailments homeopathically. This information is then categorized into five individual reports that illustrate the toll emotions take on the body’s systems.

The computer categorizes each part of the five systems (organ, immune system, digestive system, endocrine system and the lymphatic system) from one through 10, with 10 being assigned to the most effected organ. Lefkowitz uses the meridian points, the SpectraVision and a special line of natural products to bring these systems back into balance. She also uses a non-invasive laser as part of her treatment methods.

After the preliminary visit of establishing an energetic profile, Lefkowitz typically schedules 10 to 12 additional sessions with clients, addressing the different levels at which one’s emotions are effecting the body.

“Usually, the body is like an onion,” Lefkowitz says. “First is the skin. Second visit, there is a second layer of imbalances, 10 to 12 visits. Within a year, I will have you totally balanced.

“It took me years to get to the place I was. You can’t expect one month of products to balance you out. Sequential visits are important.”

Lefkowitz has a Ph.D. in homeopathic nutrition, and comes to her business with a background in nutrition. Insight 2 Your Wellness is based on the philosophy that there are two insights to everyone’s wellness.

“We get so busy with life that we don’t look inside,” Lefkowitz says. “There is insight of knowledge and insight to your wellness. We’re a mystery to discover, something you didn’t know.”

While most physical symptoms are essential in evaluating one’s health, Lefkowitz uses her business as a way to help people reach a natural healing, one that soothes the soul.

Insight 2 Your Wellness is located at 18 Serenity Ct., Southampton. For more information, call 856-834-2344 or visit

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