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The Benefits of Self Love

According to a study conducted at York University to address self-worth and love, writing yourself a comforting letter every day for a week can make individuals feel happier for up to six months. This research confirms that value of getting to know and love the self.

Instead of focusing on loving the people and things in life, it is beneficial to start with loving the self. This has nothing to do with vanity or selfishness, it is just a way to take care of the self and self care begins with self love.

Writing a loving, honest letter to the self helps to promote self awareness, knowledge and love. These qualities can impact all aspects of life, improving eating habits, relationships with others and the overall way that people conduct their lives.

Source: Hollie S. Chambers, Health and Intimacy Consultant at 4 Healing Soulutions, LLC. For more information, call 609-381-0119, email [email protected] or visit

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