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Bathroom Meditations: Making Meditation Work

Beginning a meditation practice can seem like a daunting task. Many of us are competitive and want to be the best at everything. If we find out that meditating for 30 minutes is ideal, we take it to the next level and go for 45 minutes. While this type of thinking may work in sports and competition, it can create an adversarial and contentious practice in meditation.

The intent of meditation is to engage in contemplative reflection with the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness. The contemplative reflection does not have to follow a specific time requirement, it just has to exist. For those of us with crazy schedules and busy lives, it might be helpful to throw out the notion of one extended period of meditation during each day and focus instead on short meditations throughout the day.

One solution is to start the practice of bathroom meditations. Keep a list of inspirational and spiritual quotes handy—try a smart phone list app—and let your bladder be a reminder that it is time to meditate. Pull up one quote, read it and set the timer for a few minutes of quiet, reflective time. These few minutes, spread throughout the day, can bring peace, serenity and harmony to daily life.

Source: Kim Grike, a Natural Awakenings Reader.

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