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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

New K-12 Democratic School Now Open

The South Jersey Sudbury School, the only kindergarten through 12th grade democratic school in southern New Jersey, is now open on 800 acres of preserved New Jersey Pinelands in Medford. The school will lease buildings and cabins from the YMCA throughout the school year.

South Jersey Sudbury School offers children an environment of unparalleled freedom and responsibility. All rules and procedures are voted on during weekly school meetings, and students can spend their school day engaged in any activities they wish, as long as they adhere to school rules. There is are no teachers, homework or exams. Staff members administer the school and are available as educational resources to students if called upon.

“Research into how children learn indicates that free play is key to child development and happiness,” explains founder Brian Foglia. “Instruction and guided experiences inhibit the natural learning processes of many children and introduce negative thought patterns. There is mounting evidence that non-intervention is extremely important in allowing children to learn, hence the importance of alternative learning environments.”

For more information, call 856-581-1229 or visit

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