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Mindful Substance Abuse Recovery Facility Opens

Samma Vayama Well-Being (SVWM), a state-licensed substance abuse outpatient facility, is now open at 12 Girard Road, in Glassboro.

SVWM offers intensive outpatient, outpatient and individual substance abuse counseling services, using yoga and meditation to help establish a solid foundation for recovery for patients. “There is some really cool brain science and psychological research that’s supporting the use of yoga and meditation for a wide variety of individuals,” explains owner and Executive Director Andrew J. Assini. “We can literally affect brain chemistry and functioning with these practices and, for an individual beginning the journey of recovery, that’s a big deal.”

“The idea is to offer practices which help develop insight and can be continued after treatment has ended so that we’re not creating treatment-dependent individuals,” adds Assini. “At Samma Vayana Well-Being, we want to see individuals be successful for the long term, and establishing a yoga or meditation practice definitely lends itself towards that goal.”

For more information, call 856-863-3549 or visit

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