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New Networking Group Advocates Backyard Chickens

Camden County Chickens, a networking group dedicated to getting residents together to modify their local ordinances that ban or severely restrict the ownership of backyard chicken, has formed, attracting residents from Camden, Gloucester and Burlington Counties.

Founder and Chairman Gwenne Baile created the group after discovering that antiquated ordinances prevented residents in her area from owning backyard hens. Rather than encouraging residents to own them illegally, she uses the group to connect backyard chicken enthusiasts so they can explore their current local ordinances and work together to get them updated.

Baile worked for four years to change the ordinance that bans chickens in Haddon Township and her extensive research has made her a resident expert on the subject and she decided to use her expertise to help others. “The interest was just booming all over South Jersey with groups already formed in Haddonfield, Woodbury, Bridgeton and Collingswood. Cherry Hill and Merchantville should be up and running shortly,” Baile says. “Raising a couple backyard hens is great for sustainability, providing fresh eggs, free fertilizer for the garden and insect control in the yard.”

For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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