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The Art of Communication

I am sure we have all learned in school the lesson of communicating. The teacher would whisper in the ear of the first in line and each student would in turn pass the message on. After making its way through the long restless line the last student had the job of verbalizing the message. Everyone would giggle, except for the last few in line, and then the teacher would explain how words become mis-heard, mis-said, or mis-interpreted. The lesson was a good one; communicating is a very dynamic event, requiring full attention and clarity from the giver and the taker.

I am amazed how the ancient civilizations communicated, before any written words. The time spent telling stories around the fire was their revered way of passing along historical information to family and friends. The art of listening and in turn being the storyteller must have had great importance in their society and culture. Native Americans still practice this but not as many are listening unfortunately. Every culture has become victim to lost words and stories which would give everyone a better understanding of who they are and where they came from.

 In our 21st century communicating has now taken a quantum leap. The internet and cell phones have brought about a new way to communicate. Emails, texts, tweets, blogs and messages have become part of our quick talking world, not without problems. How often have you texted, or been texted, a mis-spelled ‘spell check’ message? I have received a few that made me stop and wonder what was really being said. I reacted to one recently with concern and strong dissatisfaction! After a return text the truth was uncovered and I realized the error. To err is human, to forgive divine...

As I type this letter, I am very aware of the way it will be interpreted or read. Yet everyone will read it differently, taking away that which resonates within them. I write about what I believe is true, but others may have a different opinion.

I am not a wordsmith so I have the utmost respect for writers and editors who have made the written word their life and livelihood. Now, more then ever, words are changing our lives and planet. But how much is true? In the 60s we learned how deception was part of the plan to control and manipulate resources and events. The walls came tumbling down when Nixon was caught with his hand in the cookie jar but how can we be sure today is any different?

Read the importance of speaking the truth in our feature The Healing Power of Story on page 16. Speaking the truth has powerful healing benefits, not just for ourselves but for all those who hear it. I know it is not easy to “come clean’ sometimes but the stress we create by not being truthful with ourselves and others can become the hidden catalyst for unwanted suffering. Practice being truthful and the more you do it, the better you will feel.

Happy Father’s Day to one and all,  

Don Moore, Publisher

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