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Letter From Publisher

A mother’s intuition is a powerful thing. Even as a young boy I knew there was no tricking Mom. One glance in her eyes and I knew she knew what side of the bed I got up from that day. It made me an honest person because I thought everyone had the similar ability to decipher truth from fiction.

I remember a time when my moral compass deviated and I knew it was better to fess up than to endure the scrutiny of those earnest eyes. I also intuited that the associated guilt would pass a lot faster if I simply admitted what I did.

That boyhood intuition, further developed through years of trial and error, has delivered a pretty good track record. I believe that the ability to listen to the heart, or gut, taught to all children at an early age, would fill their lives with pure, conscious living and grateful moments.

As our restless world rapidly transforms itself via the collective energies of 7 billion humans influencing one another’s lives, it becomes paramount to cut through the clamor by tapping deep into the most precious resource we have—our intuition. Some folks skillfully discover its value while others have a greater struggle finding it out, but all of us can do well to pay attention to the whispering wisdom within.

During my mornings, and sometimes evenings too, I like to stop, look and listen to my heart’s innermost desires through meditation. The still moments clear my mind of interference from the onslaught of outside influences that would impose themselves and bring me closer to my natural flow, which is more attuned with my intuition.

When you read Linda Sechrist’s article, “Trust Your Intuition,” you’ll see why connecting with your intuition is vital, a natural gift that keeps on giving. That inner voice we hear knows what we are here for and I have witnessed the gladness of many a friend and colleague that has accepted and acted on the direction their heart yearns to travel. They often start life anew and find more fulfilling work helping others in need. It renews one’s faith in the future of humanity when so many are finding new ways to contribute their talents and abilities toward a better world.

Each month, Natural Awakenings writers and local contributors generously offer informative articles intended to forward our health, well-being and the sustainability of the planet. These writers also are people that are listening to their intuition. They typically write about subjects they are passionate about, eagerly research and ponder, and share for others to experience.

It is always my hope that you will take away some new knowledge that resonates deeply on a personal level. As it does, it will likely stir intuitive insights ready to surface and apply. By sharing each issue, you can pay it forward so that others can benefit as well.

Hope springs eternal,

Don Moore, Publisher

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