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Zen Center Workshop on Sustainable and Fulfilling Relationships

Seijaku Roshi, the abbot of Jizo-an Monastery and Pine Wind Zen Center, will lead a seminar, The Zen of Creating Sustainable and Fulfilling Relationships, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., March 22, at the Moorestown Friends School and Meetinghouse. Intended to inspire and empower anyone, whether single or married, in love or out of love, the workshop explores how to apply the simple laws of love to all our relationships. Relevant topics include common myths and misunderstandings about love and loving relationships, as well as how to know, reclaim and continually enjoy being in love. Even parents will gain something from the discussion.

 “Contrary to modern opinion, loving and fulfilling relationships are sustainable,” comments Roshi. “Only our confused expectations and the myths which our society and culture lead us to believe about love have the power to undermine the possibilities relationships offer us. We will dismantle the various forms of fictitious love and examine how they differ from actual love. We will also explore how our childhood conditioning informs and defines for us the kind of relationships our ‘stories’ permits us to have. When we learn to approach relationships as spiritual practice and allow ourselves and others to be truly known, then love is in the very air we breathe, and fulfilling relationships that bring openness, joy and change become possible.”

Cost: $75 (donation). Location: 118 E. Main St., Moorestown. For preregistration (required) and more information, visit

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