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Discover Aquaponics at Horticultural Society Meeting

Alex Kosis will present the program Aquaponics: Modern Farming’s Return to Nature, a program at the monthly meeting of the Horticultural Society of South Jersey, 7 p.m., February 11, at the Carmen Tilelli Community Center, in Cherry Hill. Kosis will share what he has learned when he turned his part-time love of gardening into a complete aquaponic gardening venture. The program will cover what aquaponics is, how it can be used to solve some of today’s food problems and a case study about Kosis’ aquaponics farm.

Aquaponics may be one solution to the environmental issues associated with traditional, modern-day farming practices, including water shortages, soil erosion and chemical run-off, as well as the environmental damage associated with livestock farming. The sustainable concepts of aquaponics can be combined with green heating methods, such as solar, rocket mass stoves, biomass and compost, to provide a continuous food supply year-round for all climates.

Cost: free, open to public. Location: 820 Mercer St., Cherry Hill. For more information, visit

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