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American Ninja Warrior Competitor to Instruct at Pinnacle Parkour

Jamie Rahn co-founded Pinnacle Parkour in Cherry Hill, where he instructs students ages 3 years and older. Pinnacle Parkour also has a second location in Sicklerville.

Parkour training is a practice that harmonizes physical movements with mental discipline as practitioners move through carefully constructed and arranged obstacles. It allows the body to naturally shape itself, building lean muscle and optimal strength and toning, through movements such as balancing, vaulting, hanging, pulling and jumping. Moving safely and efficiently through an environment hones body control, body awareness and situational adaptability.

“Accomplishing individual goals diminishes fears of taking on a challenge,” Rahn explains. “Achieving something bigger than you think you can do transcends physical space.” He will be featured in the fifth season of the television series, American Ninja Warrior, scheduled for Monday 9 p.m. on NBC.

Originally inspired by Sasuke, a Japanese sporting event, Rahn admired a competitor’s physical ability to navigate four obstacle courses of increasing difficulty. “When you begin the fundamentals [of Parkour], you never stop practicing,” he comments.

Mention Natural Awakenings for a free class; prior Parkour experience not necessary. Locations: 1205 Warren Ave., in Cherry Hill and 101 Allied Pkwy., in Sicklerville. For more information, call 855-PRO-PARKOUR, email [email protected] or visit

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