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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Akashic Records Readings

Marilyn Eppolite, an intuitive energy therapist located in Moorestown, is offering Akashic Records readings by phone for those seeking insights to their true nature and solutions to challenges in their everyday life. Eppolite studied with Linda Howe, author, educator and founder of the Center for Akashic Studies.

According to many spiritual traditions, the Akashic Records are a vibrational archive of all thoughts, words and deeds of every individual soul’s journey. Eppolite says that consulting the records can facilitate a shift in perception, uncover an overlooked potential or activate a more conscious connection to one’s divine source. “The energy of the reading is filled with love and compassion for the soul’s human journey, which is so potent that it proves to be more healing than the information that is transmitted,” expresses Eppolite.

Cost: $45 for 30 min.; $80 for 60 min. For more information or an appointment, call 856-236-5973 or email [email protected].