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Business Briefs - Bidwell Chiropractic

Dr. Sylvia Bidwell, DC

Dr. Sylvia Bidwell, D.C., owner of Bidwell Chiropractic, planned for the future in 2008 when she bought office space in the Strawbridge Professional Center. “I allowed space for another doctor, massage therapist and nutritionist as well as a room for exercise and rehabilitation. We now have three massage therapists and Dr. Bobbi Dorio, D.C., who joined our team in 2009. Additionally, our exercise room with the Synergy Therapeutic Exercise System is now open,” says Bidwell.

Synergy Exercise System

Exercises performed with the Synergy Therapeutic Exercise System are particularly helpful for the restoration of strength and flexibility after an individual has had a back, neck, or spinal injury.

Strong, high-density foam rollers are particularly good for improving inflexibility because they help to break up adhesions. Patients roll on the tube and press on trigger points, helping the muscles to stretch. A therapy ball offers a wide range of exercises for strengthening and flexibility as well as strengthening core muscles

Bidwell and Dorio customize a patient’s exercise routine, which can be performed before or after their treatment. “We work with patients and give them personal instruction along with an instructional video they view before starting their exercise program,” explain Bidwell and Dorio, who also believe that nutrition is an important component of a patient’s overall health. Both women provide advice on nutrition and supplements and offer a weight management program.

Flexion Distraction Table

Other new equipment includes a flexion distraction table, which decompresses the spine and eases the pressure on herniated discs and impinged nerves. This type of treatment is also preventative, which means that a patient doesn’t have to have disc degeneration to benefit. “Treatments on the table help to keep compression from building up on the discs,” advises Bidwell.

An Effective Combination

“Our philosophy at Bidwell Chiropractic is to start slow, get the patient out of pain and then begin to strengthen their body to prevent future injury. We begin with light massage, light flexion/distraction stretching, chiropractic adjustments, and gradually transition them into the exercise room. The exercise room allows them to build muscle strength and flexibility,” notes Bidwell

Bidwell Chiropractic, The Strawbridge Professional Center, W. Rte 38 Ste 100, Moorestown 08057. Call 856-273-1551 or visit

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