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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

May 2012 Publisher's Letter

Does it seem that the fairly reliable weather patterns you and I grew up with are becoming more dramatic and  less predictable? The blooms came early this year with warm days in February and March pushing the flowering plants to blossom earlier than ‘normal,’ whatever that is. From record local snows to near drought conditions replete with fire warnings, one wonders what’s next. Tornadoes are becoming a frequent topic on U.S. news while other countries report severe storms in any and every season.

I pray for rain to break the local hot dry spell predicted this summer, especially for our farmers and gardeners. Those who planned ahead and captured some of the abundant rainwater of past months will be glad they did as townships struggle to meet the demand for fresh water.

Power usage will no doubt be up as well due to laboring air conditioners working overtime to beat back sweltering summer heat. This summer could put the entire power system to the test, and residents are well-advised to implement more natural cooling techniques. I can recommend a helpful article in our Natural Awakenings archive, at

I find that the best time to voluntarily cut back on power use is when it is readily available. Learning how to live respectfully in view of local and global resources is a key need in our pushbutton world. It takes a few weeks’ persistence to change personal habits, but it can be done as we simplify our needs and distinguish them from flagrant wants. Living green is healthy for both us and the planet.

May highlights Women’s Wellness, led by Kathleen Barnes’  “The Hormone Balancing Act”.  She explains the critical role that hormones play at every stage of a women’s life, and calls on experts for practical suggestions to help us keep our bodies in balance. Finding effective ways to combat signs of age makes many women happier, and this month’s “Anti-Aging Skincare,” helps turn back the clock through news of proven gentle treatments and breakthroughs.

In honor of Mother’s Day on May 13, Beth Davis shares “Mom-to-Mom Wisdom” to help young mothers relax into better parenting. During my travels I have noted the emergence of many groups, organizations and online networks of women eager to share their knowledge and experiences. All seek to establish a balance among work, home and motherhood.

As we head into summer, enjoy a cool green drink from a recipe in our Conscious Eating department.  Then, head on out to a local Green Drinks gathering of like-minded people. Please plan to join us on the first Wednesday of each month at PJ Whelihans in Cherry Hill, and the third Wednesday of each month at the PJ Whelihans on Stokes Road in Medford Lakes.

Happy Mother’s Day to moms everywhere,





Don Moore, Publisher

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