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A View To Your Health Offers Solution for Systemic Toxicity

There are many theories about why illness seems so pervasive these days; one of the latest relates to systemic toxicity, which proposes that as the environment around us is polluted, we become toxic just by living in it. In light of this, A View To Your Health is introducing Systemic Formulas Detoxification Program into its product offerings. The whole body cleansing program is intended to support cells, metabolism, liver and lymph drainage, as well as protecting the neuroendocrine system. According to the program’s creators, it contains herbal chelators, anti-inflammatory ingredients, antioxidants and anti-aging factors and provides cell membrane nutrition and ATP energy.

“The three-phase detox protocol is suitable for dealing with newer toxins in the environment, such as neurodegenerative pesticides, herbicides and radioactive elements,” explains certified natural health provider Ted Kanterman, who co-owns A View To Your Health with his wife Dale Kanterman, a naturopathic doctor. “The approach is based on the idea that the root problem is cellular inflammation—a condition in which the body’s cell membranes become inflamed, making it difficult or impossible for the cells to rid themselves of toxins, receive nutrients and communicate with the rest of the body through the hormones.”

Location: 3747 Church Rd., Ste. 106, Mt. Laurel. For more information, call 856-234-4433, email at [email protected] or visit

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