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Natural Awakenings South Jersey

Publisher's Letter - November 2011

This month marks the first anniversary of Natural Awakenings of South Jersey—a special milestone for everyone associated with the magazine. Each month I give thanks for the opportunity to meet people like you. Time and again, as I travel our community I hear that the ‘shift’ is underway, that uplifted consciousness is creating a new path of public awareness and moral responsibility. My education has only just begun and I look forward to continuing my journey by your side in the coming year.

With your help, we are expanding our reach to all corners of South Jersey, so let me know if you need copies distributed in your neighborhood. I’m always glad to hear from enthusiastic readers that we are “everywhere”!  Many of you pass along issues with news and articles of interest; thank you for sharing.

I am lucky to publish a magazine helping to bring about healthy people and a healthy planet, including a sustainable economy. Our feature article, “Economics of Happiness: The New Economy – Changing the Rules to Benefit America’s People” asks: What is success and how is it measured? Do we need all the ‘stuff’? In the past 50 years, Americans, in particular, have consumed precious resources at an alarming rate at the expense of the planet and other cultures. Our global family is now closer than ever and I for one can no longer ignore the fact that I am responsible for behaving like I am part of it.

So, this month, Natural Awakenings asks: What opportunities do we have to create the kind of world in which we want to live? How can we realize life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without diminishing the chances for other people, now and in the future, to enjoy the same?
The Occupy Wall Street protests and other indicators remind us that we don’t have to turn over our lives to financial insiders and their hired representatives in Washington, D.C. We the people can reject systems that in many ways have served us poorly, and establish our economy on a different foundation, one aligned with true sources of our happiness.

Painful as it may be in the short term, we can emerge from the current economic crisis healthier and wealthier, with the sort of riches that really matter: strong communities of resilient individuals and loving relationships, healthy ecosystems, sustainable economies and the ability for all to make a skillful living and enjoy a blessed life. The revolution begins at home as we find that lives of wasteful consumption are not as fulfilling as we previously thought. These pages are filled with steps we can move ahead with right now to help create a better world.

We have plenty to be grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day and all through the year. Let’s all pause both to acknowledge the abundant good in our lives and give thanks for the potent opportunities to create a world that works.

In gratitude for all of you,

Don Moore, Publisher

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