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Use Vedic Mantra Chanting to Activate Ancient Connections

Rita Strough, owner of Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center, is offering Shalini Breault Vedic mantra classes at her Cinnaminson studio, starting with a basic Session 1 series being offered in June and July, and a Session 2 series starting in August. Students will receive a booklet and MP3 recordings to practice outside of class. 

Strough notes, “Ever since learning and practicing Vedic mantras, my life has changed in stunning ways.” She continues “What once was invisible to me became visible, most notable, the ways in which I, myself had been the cause of my most persistent and unsolvable problems.”

Vedic mantra chants are Sanskrit prayers recited according to proper pronunciation and rhythm in a traditional style that has been handed down since ancient times. The mantras, once learned and practiced, connect people to an energy that is transformative. This ancient practice has been credited with dramatically improving lives. In its own way, it became automatic and links us to the power and energy of deities long worshipped for their benevolence and strength. 

Location: 2800 Rt. 130 N., Ste. 100, Cinnaminson, NJ. For more information or to register for the class, visit 

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