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Live More Effectively: In-Home Assistance for Everyone

“Everyone knows what it’s like to be overwhelmed by the demands of home life and work pressure,” Lisa Ciquero, founder of Personally Yours, proclaims. “If our household is disorderly, we find that, quickly, our whole life is spun out of control. Stress levels rise by cumbersome to-do lists that never seem to get done. Whether it is an overtired new mother who never gets a moment to herself, a middle-aged career woman with teenagers who simultaneously runs her parents’ household or an older adult wanting to maintain dignity and the lifestyle they love, everyone needs a helping hand sometimes.”

Personally Yours extends this helping hand by offering in-home support and lifestyle management services to restore balance, organization and harmony at home. It is for individuals of all ages and stages of life that have more to do than there are hours in the day. “Delegate a few of your duties to us,” she invites. “Give us your to-do list, so you don’t have to worry about the daily grind and responsibility of household tasks and so you can do what absolutely matters to you.”

Ciquero believes that structure, organization and routine make a huge difference—to the household, and therefore, to the psyche. “If your surroundings are in chaos, then your mental state is most likely going to be chaotic. Personally Yours brings clarity to chaos. If a home is clean and tidy and all the tasks of the day are checked off, it gives one a peace of mind and gratification that are priceless,” she certifies.

The services Personally Yours provides are unique because the company focuses on the person as a whole: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. In their words, they “don’t just do your shopping”. Moreover, they offer lifestyle help, not just to people with physical needs, but to anyone who could use assistance at home. Their mission is to enable each person to continue with the lifestyle that makes them happy. 

“The need is out there,” she affirms. “The sky is the limit with what people need assistance with. Whatever it is, we can make it happen.” The services Personally Yours offers are as wide-ranging and specific as the people who employ their help. From child-proofing a house, to help planning a party, keeping records, preparing a meal, paying bills, rearranging your closet for the season, watching your children so you can do yoga or running errands so you can sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with your parents—the possibilities are endless. She proposes: “Think of it like this: If you are an older adult and you love to paint, we can bring you all the material you need so you can continue with your passion while we tidy up the house and prepare lunch.” 

Ciquero expresses that the biggest problem she comes across with her clients is that they have too much stress and not enough time. She emphasizes, moreover, that most women, who are often the main caretakers, feel very resistant about asking for help. It makes them feel incapable. She explains: “Women often carry the biggest toll. It is time for it to be okay to ask for help. It doesn’t mean that you can’t handle life. It just means that you are making yourself a priority, investing in self-care and choosing to slow everything down in order to be more mindful and present in everything you do. We need to do something for ourselves. When we get sick or overworked, everyone else suffers. It is not about saying ‘me first’, it’s about saying ‘me too’.” 

Personally Yours has an exceptional reputation in the community and has been changing, simplifying and enhancing lives since 1999. Ciquero emphasizes she couldn’t ask for a better staff and refers to her employees as “incredibly dedicated and compassionate ‘Jill’s of All Trades’ who know how to run a household.” She attests that they make a great impact and often become friends with their clients. “When you can share a difficult time with someone who is assisting you, and they are able to bring clarity and help navigate the chaos, it makes the situation less heightened. It takes the edge off and allows for positive outcomes.”

Personally Yours upholds high standards of excellence in terms of care and support and believes that anyone can benefit from in home support services. Lastly, she advises: “Take a moment to analyze your life and to ask yourself what is preventing you from achieving happiness and inner peace. Is it an area we can assist with? How can we benefit your life? Don’t sweat the little things anymore. Let us take care of those. Incorporate someone assisting you so you can live more happily and effectively.”

Personally Yours Support Services, LLC. provides care throughout South Jersey. For more information, call 609-268-0639 or visit

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