South Jersey Edition
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Sunning Safe

The Earth’s coasts and coral reefs are under siege as highlighted in this month’s Wise Wordsstory. Like many other natural resources, the reefs are vital to our ecosystem and we need them to be healthy.

Pollution, dredging and overfishing are the major contributors and chemical sunscreens are a part of the equation. So, we can add the essential summer product to our “organic, natural and green” list.

Safer sunscreens are increasingly available. Seek out fewer ingredients and avoid those that contain oxybensone, octinoxate and parabens. Let’s all do our part! 

In addition, we start your summer off with numerous local features. We profile a local green artist, highlight must-look-for features in CBD oil, provide advanced natural techniques for stress relief and more. I hope you enjoy it all, pool or beachside, taking in some vitamin D.

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