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Get Into Right State of Mind with Mindful Meditation

​Mindful Meditation is the practice of bringing awareness to what one is directly experiencing through physical sensations, thoughts, feelings and the surrounding environment. It also involves an acceptance of these experiences in any given moment without judgment. Growing research has shown that a consistent regimen of mindfulness can actually retrain the brain to approach life with clarity and calmness.

Coming from the Buddhist term sati, mindful meditation is all about recognizing reality by letting the mind wander freely, accepting thoughts as they come and go, and understanding the present. One’s age, physical state and career choice doesn’t matter—anyone can practice mindfulness as long as they can be present. While mindfulness is always available, the more practiced the more easily accessible it is.

To prepare for mindful meditation, set aside some time and space. No special equipment or yoga mats are needed, just a few minutes and a quiet spot to sit down. Get comfortable, cross one’s legs, sit up straight and let the eyes gently close.

It’s important to note that the point of mindfulness is not to quiet the mind, but to just pay attention to the present moment without arbitration or hesitation.  Focusing primarily on the breath allows the mind to wander and acknowledge that it has done so before gently bringing one’s focus back to breathing. Should judgements arise, simply take note of them and bring focus back. The practice is returning again and again to the present moment.

Many say that while mindfulness is very simple, it is not necessarily easy. Success is in consistency and in incorporating it into everyday life. So, instead of rushing to answer the phone the next time it rings pause, take a deep breath and concentrate on where you are before saying hello. It’s moments like these that expand your mindfulness and perfect your practice. 

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