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Time to DisconnectI

 have a friend who takes three weeks in August to disconnect from what he terms “the endless hamster wheel”. He picks a vacation spot in nature and leaves all electronic devices behind to reboot.

A part of me is envious of his conviction in carrying this out each year. Another part of me feels a sense of panic setting in at the thought of separation from the virtual world in my little handheld computer.  It seems to have evolved into an addiction of sorts. So, one of my goals this month is to deprogram the Pavlovian response I have to my text and email chimes. 

Like most of us, I don’t have the freedom or resources to go off the grid for three weeks in a row. However, I can choose to remove myself in small increments… an hour here, a few hours there.

If you are reading this magazine, no doubt you understand the importance of meditation, silence, stillness and presence. I’m hoping you’ll join me and get a little nature therapy this month, leaving the phone behind.

Michelle Vacanti


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