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Heal Your Voice and Empower Your Expression with Holistic Voice Coaching

Giulia Eve Flores, a classically trained actress, holistic voice coach and owner of Conscious Performers Collective, is now offering private holistic voice coaching sessions. 

When it comes to using their authentic voices and expressing their truth, many people have suffered some form of trauma, manifesting in stuttering, slinking back physically, having no volume or resonance, swallowing words or not finishing sentences. Often it can also result in over-asserting and using violent language to communicate, which is triggered by the deep frustration of not being heard. 

To stand strongly yet gracefully in our authentic expression is a very valuable skill to be learned when in the teaching, speaking, coaching or performing professions. It is equally as powerful and useful in our everyday lives and communications as well, no matter what work we do. 

In learning breath centering, breath support, forward placement, resonance, sonic meditation, internal sound healing, pitch and articulation techniques, we can heal the trauma our voices hold and integrate skills of confidence, communication and connection. 

Cost: $40/hr. for private sessions. For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Giulia Eve Flores at 856-571-4477, email GiuliaEveFlores@gmail.comor visit

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