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How Mala Beads Enhance Meditation

The mala necklace or bracelet is a strand of beads that have been used since the 10th century to aid in meditation. Akin to rosary beads for prayer, mala necklaces aid in focused counting, breathing and relaxation during meditating and mantra repetition.

By ancient tradition, mala strands are composed of 108 beads. Considered a sacred number in Hinduism, it is thought that the one represents your own ultimate truth, such as God or the universe, the zero represents spiritual emptiness or humility, and the eight represents the timelessness of infinity. 

The larger central focal bead is known as the guru and is often accented by a tassel. Symmetrical distances between the embellishment, or spacer beads, depend upon the traditional style you choose which can be Mantra, Tibetan or Zen. Wearing guru beads that boast rare and one-of-a-kind focal vintage beads allows you to reflect your own special spiritual style.

Mala beads made by SunGlow Chakras are very unique and are made with all natural Earth-honoring components such as wood, ceramic and semi-precious stones. Gemstones help to enhance chakra energies and your sense of well-being. Whether you order an already made piece or you have a special request, SunGlow Chakras will aid in meditations for years to come.

Resource: SunGlow Chakras. Location: 713 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, NJ. For more information, visit

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