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Achieve Better Health at Meadowsweet

Christy Panichelli, owner and natural health practitioner at Meadowsweet Natural Health Center, in Medford, positively impacts human potential by empowering clients to take back control of their health. 

“What I like to offer most to my clients is hope,” notes Panichelli. “Hope that no matter how your health journey began or where you are right now, you can always choose to feel better and be healthier."

At Meadowsweet, clients learn to improve their nutritional choices and promote positive lifestyle changes. These changes are supported with continual education in their sessions, by attending free classes and through the online educational portal.

A typical program at Meadowsweet may consist of a nutritional assessment (which includes a non-invasive method of applied kinesiology to determine the body’s nutritional needs), additional testing to assess cellular inflammation within the body and Body Code sessions to release any trapped energies or emotions that may limit or slow down the healing process.

“I’ve found that for some clients, emotional wellness is such an important part of achieving better health,” continues Panichelli. Meadowsweet also supports the use of Young Living Essential Oils to improve the vibrational energy needed to achieve better health and wellness.

Location: 639 Stokes Rd., Ste. 203, Medford, NJ. For more information, call Christy Panichelli at 609-257-3345 or visit

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