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A Gym for the Soul: Find Meaning and Community at Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center

Rita Strough, owner of the Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center, in Cinnaminson, has lofty ambitions for the expansion of spiritual community centers all around the country and the world. “I want to see one on every corner, in every town,” she declares. “I want people to feel like they have a place to go; a place where they can ask questions, where they can experience a sense of solace and release from the outside world—not like escapism, but more like a gym for the soul, where you can do a spiritual workout and dive deep into the realms of your true self.”

Strough opened Just Breathe in June 2017 after renting a small space in Mt. Laurel for five years. As the community grew, she knew there’d be a need for more space to pursue spiritual practices. She previously enjoyed considerable success while working in the corporate world, but notes that she never felt like she belonged there. She shares that she experienced many moments of “awakening” during a difficult time when her father was dying. At that time, she had also just started a new corporate job and was completing her degree in the evening. After being laid off and frustrated with her future, walking the dog and crying, she found herself slumped against a tree screaming: “God, what do you want from me? I can’t do it anymore, I can’t go back!” 

She states that everything happened really fast after that—she started her own cleaning company and had one mystical experience after the other. “The creator was just pushing and pushing me into answering the call to speak and teach—first about angels, then about our true divine nature. The cleaning business supported the spiritual work and over time, classes were formed, groups were meeting and a community was born.”

Strough now channels her strong sense of purpose and her experience with marketing into creating a platform for others to discover themselves and their abilities and helping them to develop and share those gifts with the world. “My purpose is to encourage talent,” she remarks, “to help people find their footing and to get them used to talking about what it is that they offer. Just Breathe is a place to help you set up a class and see if it takes off. There is no pressure, nothing out of pocket. I trust that the universe knows what people need, and I think that, in divine timing, the universe knows when to get it out there. I’m here to help launch those things.”

She notes that people often wake up to their spiritual gifts and then don’t know what to do with their newfound abilities. This realization is what encouraged her to create a spiritual community center—where she invites people to be students, teachers or observers; it’s a place where someone can heal or be healed—whatever it is someone is looking for in that moment. “Moreover,” she remarks, “some people have never even talked to anyone else about their spiritual leanings. They don’t have any friends or family to talk to. They come here and experience this wondrous sense of community and they don’t feel weird anymore. They feel like they belong.”

Strough states that the most fulfilling experience for her often happens at the end of class, when everyone gets up and starts talking together. “I see friendships being formed; I see hugs and tears and smiles, phone numbers exchanged. I witness this feeling of ‘wow!’ Every time I witness relief, I see a sense of wonder, a big sigh. It’s gold, I love it.”

Just Breathe offers a growing number of classes and individual treatments including reiki and spiritual counseling sessions, massage, tai chi, qigong, wild soul movement, yoga, sound therapy, meditation, angelic attunement classes, light language immersion and more.

When asked why she believes people are drawn to the center, she observes that most people come because they are very stressed and worried. “People just worry,” she says, “about their kids, themselves, the world, the country, their jobs. And that is often what creates physical pains and disease. It is important to find some meaning in life—to be able to get into a sacred space where you can rest and be at peace, where it smells good and sounds good. Even for just a moment. It’s better than chugging a few beers and trying to numb yourself.”

Strough advises those looking for peace to visit their website, look at the calendar, sign up for a class and show up for something. She attests: “If you’ll come one time, I can guarantee you will come again.”

Just Breathe Spiritual Community Center is located at 2800 Rte. 130 North, Ste. 100, in Cinnaminson. For more information, email Info@JustBreatheCenter.orgor visit

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