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The Healing Properties of Plant Medicine

Growing up in Belize, I could remember my mom using plants not only to feed us, but also for whatever ailed us as well. It didn’t seem to matter what it was, mumps, measles, the common cold were no match for indigenous, plant-based remedies. Of course, this information was passed down from generation to generation and witnessing my parents, family members, friends and the community all benefiting from these traditions were priceless in my upbringing. 

Presently, I continue to practice and pull from these old traditions; however, I can’t say that this was always the case once I moved back to the U.S. Like most people, I was distracted by just about anything called food and when I didn’t feel well, I followed the most convenient ways to feel better, which was primarily taking pharmaceuticals. As I got older, I began to make a connection between what I ate and how I felt afterwards, but my busy life kept me from following this thread to a healthier lifestyle. 

After some years, someone came into my life that reintroduced these old indigenous traditions of using plant-based remedies, I am so grateful for this gift. During the past 19 years, I’ve studied Incan, Mayan and Aztec indigenous healing traditions and they all have one thing in common— they all use plants and herbs in their healing practices. Today, EarthShack shares the spirit of these plant-based practices in all that we do—be it in our organic teas, extracts, hemp extracts, essential oils and so on. 

In the spirit of sharing, over the next several months, we will share how some indigenous cultures used natural remedies that are also available today to help with pain, anxiety and sleep and will give examples with the use of herbal teas, extracts and oils. So, stay tuned. 

EarthShack is located in the Amish Market and at Crescent Moon Coffee & Tea, both in Mullica Hill, NJ. For more information, call 856-210-7662, email or visit

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