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New Life

We celebrate the theme of “new life” this month with a special emphasis on natural pregnancy and childbirth.

Despite this year’s late ice storm, the slightly diminished blossoms are displaying themselves proudly this spring. Few things inspire me more than Mother Nature’s canvas coming to life with the colorful vibrancy of renewal. It’s as if the earth is laughing and dancing in celebration of life. The great circle washes away the grey of any lingering seasonal blues and replaces the mood with feelings of hope, gratitude and happiness. Spring is indeed a thing of beauty, both physically and symbolically.

We celebrate the theme of “new life” this month with a special emphasis on natural pregnancy and childbirth. It is refreshing to see a birthing renaissance of sorts as young mothers-to-be seek ways to enhance the experience by minimizing overly clinical and sterile environments. There a variety of contributors in this issue bringing back the sacred and natural elements of childbirth with offerings that range from labor massage and doula services to pregnant belly art and “Blessingways”.

The Blessingway touches me the most. It is a revival of an ancient ritual in which the mother’s most trusted loved ones gather to honor and bless the birth. Integrating a spiritual component, the practice promises to prepare the mother mentally, emotionally and consciously for arguably the most meaningful role in life.

Integrating the complementary practices we explore this month with traditional medical intervention makes for a calm, relaxed and mindful mother. Imagine the spillover effects to the newborn whose entry into this world is both physically and energetically enhanced. What a great way to welcome new life in an increasingly awakened world!

Michelle Vacanti

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