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Neuro Emotional Technique Releases Stress


Clinical results from the Nutritional Wellness Center of South Jersey, in Palmyra, show that neuro emotional technique (NET) effectively releases psychosomatic stress from the body and mind. NET is a non-invasive technique that pinpoints the exact stressor causing weakness, discomfort or pain in the body and mind, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Through kinesiology, meridian points, breathing and tapping, emotional stress can be released and no longer have a negative impact on the patient.

Results have shown NET to be successful in reversing knee pain, shoulder pain, finger and hand pain, foot pain, organ pain and dysfunction, and back and neck pain and subluxations caused by emotional stress. The technique has also been effective at relieving depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsiveness and anger.

In addition, preliminary results from a Jefferson University study on stress and cancer patients show that NET reduces patient stress levels. These findings were reflected in the participants’ feedback and brain scans.

For more information, call the Nutritional Wellness Center at 856-499-2160. 

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