South Jersey Edition
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Letter From the Publisher

I love to pack the January issue full of features that explore all of the themes that Natural Awakenings represents. It is especially meaningful and poignant this month as we celebrate our 25thanniversary.

Sharon Bruckman, our very enlightened founder and CEO, started a little circular in Naples, Florida a quarter of a century ago with the goal of connecting a “fringe” community. Now, we have a national reach with no end to growth in sight, thanks to an aligned global movement. It is so refreshing for me to see how traditional thinking is embracing holistic and natural elements. We are truly moving into an Integrative Age.

So,this month you’ll enjoy a variety of topics with more local features than normal to

 keep you anchored in the quest for better health; physically, mentally and spiritually.

You’ll learn or be reminded of so much in this issue:

-Internal organ health

-Targeted, non-invasive fat removal

-Natural ways to boost immunity

-Medical cannabis

-Diet options for our dogs

-A Medically Integrated Fitness Facility

-Healthy relationship with food

-Connecting gut health to Autism

-Ending food waste

-Human Energy Fields

-Clearing EMFs from our home

And more… exhale…

Whether it’s a new year’s aspiration or an attempt to get back on track after the holiday derailment, we have you covered from the inside out!

Happy New Year, try not to sweat the small stuff this year (and remember, it’s all small stuff).


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