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Manage Scoliosis with the Gyrotonic Method

Curves in the spine help to properly balance the body. However, for a person with scoliosis, whose backbone curves side-to-side, “that balance is literally pulled out of alignment,” says Lisa Roche, owner of Nagare, a private Gyrotonic Studio in Haddonfield.

“The muscles in a body out of balance and alignment continue to hold the body as it is, causing discomfort, limitation, restriction and, at times, malformation.”

Roche explains that Gyrotonic exercises help keep the spine healthy because they don’t just work the spine–they also work the muscles that surround the spine and hold it in proper alignment. 

“If the muscles are holding the spine in an unhealthy manner, we use very specific exercises to help the muscles release and ease the pull in one direction. Once the spine is corrected, we’re then able to rebuild balance.”

Gyrotonic Method workouts are customizable, Roche adds.

Hour-long Gyrotonic sessions are $70. For more information, call 609-929-4421, email or visit

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