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Learn Professional Eden Energy Medicine

Geoffrey White, who has been practicing Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) since 2006 and was instructed by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicineand co-author of Energies of Love, will teach the Foundations Program, comprising the first four EEM classes, on four weekends starting April 11-14 and in June, September and November, at the Ohana Wellness Center, in Cherry Hill. In inviting practicing and aspiring healing arts practitioners to enroll, he attests, “This is the real thing—serious, profound, powerful, professional and very healing. Learn to energy-test and correct energetic anomalies in yourself and in others. Eden is gifted with the capacity to see energy in very fine detail. She can see the energy in your body; in your organs. She can see the acupuncture points as points of light. And she can see the basic Grid, your energetic foundation which, as far as we know, very few people in the world can see.” 

He shares that he will be teaching how to “see” energy through energy-testing in a similar way to how Eden “sees” it with her actual eyes. He is confident that it will change the lives of those that come to experience it. He also affirms that those following the training will be able to open up their own EEM practice by the end of this year. Then, if interested, one can take additional training: a second year to become a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner, a third year to become a Clinical Practitioner and a fourth year to learn Regression and Grid to become an Advanced Practitioner.

“EEM augments any other modality,” White professes. “It is significantly different from reiki, acupuncture, pranic healing and other energy work modalities because it addresses the nine energy systems—that Donna has identified—and the synergistic integration of all those systems. It can be considered Complimentary Alternative Medicine or Integrative Medicine and it doesn’t interfere with any other medical protocols.” 

He adds that energy anomalies are often the cause of symptoms that may be difficult to understand through allopathic medicine. But that from an energetic perspective, these symptoms make much more sense. He declares that energy-testing is an invaluable tool. “You will learn to follow energy,” he expresses. “You will learn to become sensitive to energy in general and you will start to recognize symptoms of energetic imbalances in yourself and in others. And you can take this as far as you want. You can work on your friends and family or you can become a professional healer and help countless of other people to find and maintain their energetic balance.”

White emphasizes that although the approach to this training is highly professional, the experience itself is inherently joyful. He remarks that Eden herself has said that if people do not end up feeling joyful, something is wrong. And White agrees. “When your energies are balanced, you can enjoy being fully yourself!” 

White encourages visiting Eden’s website,,and to watch her videos on YouTube to get a better feel for the work. He can answer any questions people might have and invites those interested to experience the basics through an Energy Medicine session with him. White has a significant amount of passion, training and experience under his belt. “EEM is central to my practice,” he says. “In fact, it is central to my life. If you are ready for professional Energy Medicine training, I hope you will join us this year.”

Location: 1892 Greentree Rd. For more information, contact White at 609-468-1286 or Also visit For more information about Eden, and see her videos on YouTube

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