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Grass Fed Beef Now Available in Medford

The historic Jennings Farm in Medford is now offering lean grass-finished beef for healthy meat eaters in South Jersey.

Containing important omega-3s and free of hormones and antibiotics, the meat is a result of a conscious attempt by the owners of Jennings Farm to offer the best natural product possible. With a healthy diet consisting of grass, hay, Redmond trace elements and organic kelp, the beef is a nutritious choice for the health conscious consumer.

The Jennings sisters, owners of the farm, offer a stress-free environment for the animals on their 100 acre farm and believe in sustainable agriculture practices. They are employing methods which will keep the soil and fields free of pesticides so the animals have natural healthy forage in their diet.

Processed by Bringhurst Meats in Berlin, a certified Animal Welfare Approved company, the meat is inspected and approved by USDA.

For additional information or to check for available products, call 609-790-6044, email or visit

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