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Edward Humes on the High Cost of Transportation

Edward Humes on the High Cost of Transportation

Small Consumer Choices Have Big Impacts

When we click “buy it now” to purchase, say, a coffee pot, we support a process that has 165,000 miles of trains, planes, boats and truck travel attached to it.

Tree-Mendous Love

Tree-Mendous Love

How Trees Care for Each Other

Just like us, trees can communicate, nurture one another and protect each other from danger.



How to Slim a Fat Feline

Three of five American cats are overweight, but simple feeding and exercise strategies can restore a plump feline to jungle-cat sleekness.

Change Makers

Change Makers

Inspired to Act

Dedicated to improving their slice of the world, activists are energetically tackling problems that range from food waste in California to poor sanitation in Haiti to Alzheimer’s treatment in New York.

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Green Crisis

One in Five Plant Species May Face Extinction

Biodegradable Bottle

Algae-Based Jars Quickly Decompose

Bright Idea

Incandescent Lights Reinvented as Eco-Friendly

Cause and Effect

Activists Will ‘Sue’ Monsanto in Mock Trial

School Haze

EPA Helps Schools Cut Bus Emissions

Organic Rally

October is Non-GMO Month

Virtua Acupuncture


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